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  • 02 Jul 2023
  • 2300 Talavera Dr, San Ramon, CA 94583

Bharathanatyam is an Indian classical dance.

The classical Indian story-dance can be used to express a complex range of emotions which respond to the actions of the heroes.

This classical Indian dance attracts interest and study in India and other parts of the world, including China Europe and North America.

An electric sitar is a type of electric guitar designed to mimic the sound of the sitar, a traditional musical instrument of India. Depending on the manufacturer and model, these instruments bear varying degrees of resemblance to the traditional sitar.

Sitar is a plucked stringed instrument, originating from the Indian subcontinent, used in Hindustani classical music. The instrument was invented in medieval India, flourished in the 18th century, and arrived at its present form in 19th-century India.


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