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Bass booster for windows 10

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This guide helps you to choose the best bass boosting software available for Windows You can give a try to any of them according to your preference and budget. Your listening experience will surely enhance after using them. Peter is an Electrical Engineer whose primary interest is tinkering with his computer. He is passionate about Windows 10 Platform and enjoys writing tips and tutorials about it. Vendor List Privacy Policy.

Download Equalizer APO. Download FX Sound. Download Boom 3D. Download Bass Treble Booster. Download ViPER4. Join our mailing list Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more. Free Download. Share with Friends. Bass Treble Booster is an audio configuration utility that can help users to very easily modify the sound output of their integrated or external sound card, extracting the maximum of your hardware and transforming your multimedia and music listening experience with another dimension of precisely calibrated sound.

Lightweight, fast, and full of useful tools for modifying sound signature for your favorite music files, this application represents one of the most useful tools for users who are not satisfied with the sound frequency equalization of their generic music files. Bass Booster tool comes in a small and intuitive package that is centered on one singular functionality — modifying of sound frequencies for music files across a wide range of supported sound frequencies.

But thankfully, that is not everything that this app can do. After setting up the desired equalizer signature that transforms your music file into the experience that suits your needs, you can easily record a new version of that music file with a built-in conversion tool. The UI features a large equalizer tool on the top with a total of 15 frequency settings for boosting and reducing frequency ranges from 30 to 19 Hz.

This tool also supports predefined presets and the ability to save your custom equalizer presets. Below the equalizer is the file listing area where you can add your music files, and control their playback during real-time equalizer tweaking.

Because of its comprehensive audio conversion tools, this app can also be used as a reliable converter. Packed inside a half-megabyte size, Bass Treble Booster is a reliable audio tweaking app that provides a no-nonsense approach to modifying sound signatures of your favorite audio files. If the app doesn’t open automatically, click FxSound in the Start menu. When FxSound is open, your computer’s audio will be routed through it automatically.

Select your audio device from the drop-down menu. The menu is at the top-right corner. For example, if you’re listening to music through a Bluetooth speaker, select that speaker from the menu. Drag the “Bass Boost” slider all the way to the right. This increases the bass as much as possible.

You can also use the app to adjust the equalizer manually. Also, try the other sliders on the left, such as “Clarity” to adjust the highs and mids and “Surround Sound” to widen the left-right balance for a wider sound.

Click the power button at the bottom to disable FxSound while you’re listening to hear the difference when the app is activated versus when it isn’t. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. If you’re listening with iTunes, click the View menu and select Show equalizer to display the equalizer, and then choose Bass Booster from the menu.

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Adjust sound enhancement settings Windows 10 has a built-in bass boost feature that you can access through the Sound Settings. Enhancements tab The bass boost feature should be the first one on the list. Bass Boost feature on Windows On the pop-up window, you can choose the frequency that you want to adjust along with the boost level the higher the level, the more bass.

Use bass-boosting software for Windows 10 If you still find the bass output a bit lacking even after doing the steps above, you can try using the following 3rd-party bass-boost software. Aside from increasing bass output, it offers an unlimited number of filters and tons of equalizer settings. If you want a more straightforward approach for boosting bass in Windows, look no further than FX Sound.

It features a simple interface for adjusting various elements like Ambience, 3D Surround, Clarity, Dynamic Boost, and of course, bass. Aside from that, they also have different presets for movies, music, and gaming.

The increments by which you can adjust the EQ could be wider though, as there are only 9 frequency bands that can be adjusted.

Bass Treble Booster lets you adjust the bass across the frequency response range of 30 to 19K Hz. It also comes equipped with the standard equalizer profiles with multiple entries for bass boost. It also acts as an audio file converter, letting users convert various audio formats like MP3, AAC, Flac, to their desired file types.

Boom 3D features an impressive band equalizer that lets you get as accurate as you want with your frequency adjustments. You can boost the volume, turn on 3D surround, mimic certain ambiance, adjust pitch and fidelity, and even comes with its own Internet Radio feature that lets you access over 20, radio stations across the web.

Its Digital Power Station DPS technology promises to add depth, clarity, better bass presence, and enhanced stereo field imaging.


14 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In .14 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In

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Bass booster for windows 10

Best Bass Booster Software For Windows ; #1 Equalizer APO ; #2 FxSound ; #3 Clementine Music Player ; #4 Boom3D ; #5 ViPER4Windows. 6 Bass Booster for Windows 10 · 1. Equalizer APO · 2. FX Sound · 3. Boom 3D · 4. Bass Treble Booster · 5. ViPER4Windows · 6. Bongiovi DPS.


14 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In

Best Bass Booster Software For Windows ; #1 Equalizer APO ; #2 FxSound ; #3 Clementine Music Player ; #4 Boom3D ; #5 ViPER4Windows. 6 Bass Booster for Windows 10 · 1. Equalizer APO · 2. FX Sound · 3. Boom 3D · 4. Bass Treble Booster · 5. ViPER4Windows · 6. Bongiovi DPS.

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