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All working fine and the upgrade process even carried across my files and programmes. Never had a problem or a knock at the door. Im sure somebody from the Singletrack Pedantry Dept will be along to put you on the right track. Yes, it will find your key and register it against your hardware. So even if you blank the machine in the future, you can still re-install Windows 10 and it will automatically activate… the Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 is STILL free.

Did this last week for my parents. Did the upgrade and was going to buy a key of eBay but it appears to be fully activated already after the upgrade.

On laptops this is often hidden under the battery. Once W10 is installed and activated, you never need a key again unless you change the motherboard or something. Depends on whether you have a genuine Windows 7 key. If it is dubious, it may not work for an upgrade. I got a Win 10 key off Ebay for a couple of quid. All worked fine for a fresh install, and activated and updating fine anyway.

Just pick an Ebay seller with some decent feedback. I need to upgrade from 7 to 10 soon. Is it pretty straight forward? PC should be able to cope. Do you have to reinstall other programs like Chrome etc. If you upgrade the existing installation, everything should still work. NB this may take a bloody long time to complete, the first one I did I ended up leaving overnight. Fwiw I found out that if you get a new laptop with W10 Home and have an old machine with W7 Ultimate or Professional , you can use that W7 key to upgrade from W10 Home to Pro and get Bitlocker etc for nowt.

It is pretty quick and easy to download and install Chrome. Then need to find licence keys for all of that. Just tried to upgrade two Win7 laptops. Both gen win7 according to windows control panel, one worked and one failed. As would I, but it means no rollback option if it goes sideways. Could someone help me out here. Following this thread I was convinced to go ahead and upgrade my Win 7 PC.

So, even though I have a very slow internet, I went ahenad and followed the link above and got going on the download. It took about 3 hours to download the programme and then another 6 to download the updates which I did overnight. Fine, I thought, I will use PC this evening and set it off to upgrade tonight. Which brings me to my issue. We have just had a really short power outage a few seconds when a switch was thrown no doubt and the PC has had to be restarted.

So has anyone got an idea where I might find the appropriate upgrade launcher from all the stuff that has already been downloaded over the last 24 hours? It had been running Win 8 but I had no key or media. I downloaded the Win 10 install onto a USB drive and set it running. No key was requested. This is the case with W8. The new activation system that W10 uses first came in with W8. Windows 7: Can be directly upgraded in-situ, doing so will carry the existing key over to W Windows 8: Used to require an upgrade to 8.

Though honestly, what masochist is still running W8? Windows 8. Did my laptop last night. Windows 7 to 10, no bother through the Microsoft website. I have to upgrade Win7 to Win10 as well but I am still indecisive about clean install or the lazy way of letting it upgrade and sort itself out.

I am bit lazy having to reinstall all apps … arrghh …. So thanks to all involved, especially Cougar. Went with a download to a flash drive 8GB minimum needed and then updated using the Setup. Also disconnected wifi before upgrade and all went smooth and relatively quickly. Sat here using the PC and, to be fair, almost nothing has changed other than having to sort out my Mahjong again which has vanished!

I know it is all different, but by doing the upgrade from an active Windows 7 set up, it has done a pretty good job of mimicking my previous settings. So far, so happy. Always hated the way it came out of the box on a new PC, which was one of the reasons I put off upgrading for so long. What you on about chewkw? Once upgraded to W10, from W7pro OA, is it then possible to move the installation by moving the ssd to a new machine?

So could I just install W10 on it, and use the serial no from the old laptop? I upgraded a Win7 laptop when 10 was released, and it completely borked it. Why do we have to change? Why god, why? There have been two new builds a year since then, each one essentially a new version of the OS.

How long can you realistically except MS to keep spending time developing patches for it? For comparison, Windows 7 is older than Android 1. I loved Windows 7, Windows 8 was a crime against operating systems that I still have to put up with regularly in its server incarnation, Windows 10 was clunky at first release but four years on it is frankly astonishing.

Little touches like Win-[. Exactly my opinion too, Graham. This topic has 42 replies, 22 voices, and was last updated 1 year ago by B. Viewing 40 posts – 1 through 40 of 43 total. Cheap Ebay Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade key — whats the catch?

So Windows 7 support is coming to an end, so I need to upgrade to Windows On Ebay there are loads of cheap keys available. Is there a better place to get an upgrade without having to spend a relative fortune? Posted 1 year ago. Just download it and upgrade. Crack on! An upgrade just requires a download Posted 1 year ago. Nana Free Member. Do the upgrade and then worry about the key later if it says you have to activate.

Cougar Full Member. If you do an in-place upgrade from 7 to 10 it will pick up the licence key automatically. CraigW Free Member. As above. Just make sure you have backed up everything important first. So, OK. GrahamS Full Member. I noticed Solitaire, only game I play, is much more boring in Win10 … argghhh … Eh? UrbanHiker Free Member. See the link I just posted for Chewie. Windows 10 is technically the best of the lot.

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